Ferrari 288 GTO Women's V-Neck (front+back)

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In 1982 the FIA introduced its Rally Group B regulations, which quickly became one of the most popular forms of motorsport and fostered the development the fastest, most sophisticated rally cars ever built.

One of the key regulations of Group B was a homologation requirement of 200 cars. In order to compete in Group B manufactures had to build, and sell, 200 cars that were substantially similar to the racecars. The popularity of Group B was spectacular and manufacturers from all over the world started to develop cars. Sadly, because of a series of fatal accidents, Group B was disbanded in 1986.

The Ferrari 288 GTO was designed for Group B competition but never raced because financial decisions delayed entry and then the untimely demise of Group B foreclosed opportunity to compete. That didn’t stop Ferrari from selling the 272 copies they had made. The GTO had outrageous 80s styling and an impressive twin turbo V8. It was the highest performance Ferrari ever made at the time and was the first road-legal car to reach 300kph.


This t-shirt is extremely lightweight and soft. It is breezy comfortable, and summer ready. 100% polyester with a fine count yarn. 100% Made in the USA. Normal cut, somewhat loose fit.

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