Nothing Runs Like a Lambo Men's t-shirt

Nothing Runs Like a Lambo Men's t-shirt

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Long before he was making sports cars Lamborghini was making tractors. During world war 2 the retreating Nazis destroyed every tractor they could find, bitter they hoped to hurt the Italian people and advancing American's by invoking a famine. Ferruccio lamborghini was a skilled mechanic who was hired by the American's and soon saw a need to make tractors and farm equipment, so he got to work frankensteining farm machinery together out of broken or destroyed war machines for local farmers. He was so good at it that after the war he started making his own designs and was quickly challenging the big Italian manufacturers for dominance of Italy's tractor industry.

The 2R is a classic because, as far as tractors go, it is just handsome. The 2R also has gained favor with collectors because it is the first tractor offered by Lamborghini with four wheel drive, retained an air-cooled engine, and was enough of a financial success to allow Ferruccio to start his car business. This design is a poke at John Deere tractors, ha you see what we did there? 

Contemporary fit, Unisex cut. The tri-blend fabric creates a vintage look. Extreme durability makes this t-shirt withstand repeated washings and still remain super comfortable all while being lightweight.

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