Moto GP Turn Men's t-shirt

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This shirt features an image of a Moto GP rider transitioning into a high speed turn. Moto GP is a racing series of purpose built motorcycles. It is the premier motorcycle racing series with the fastest machines and often the fastest drivers. Grand Prix motorcycle racing started in 1949 and has continued ever since, it is some of the fiercest, best racing around.

This t-shirt is extremely lightweight and soft. It is breezy comfortable, and summer ready. 100% polyester with a fine count yarn. 100% Made in the USA. Normal cut, somewhat loose fit.

Size guide

Chest (inches) 32 1/4 36 1/4 40 1/8 42 ½ 49 52
Length (inches) 27 1/2 27 7/8 29 30 ¾ 31 3/8 33